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WOTC California Tax Credits Benefit California Corporations

Businesses in Long Beach and throughout California turn to corporate tax credit expert Blake Christian to discover the corporate benefits available through the use of WOTC California tax credits. Businesses located in California can dramatically reduce their labor costs come out ahead financially when they learn about about the variety all of the the state and federal hiring tax credits that are available, including the California WOTC tax credit.

In terms of the WOTC, which stands for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, California business owners will learn that this is a federal tax credit that is based on employees who from your company that are part of the designated demographics that qualify your corporation to take this potentially substantial tax credit. Depending on the industry to which your corporation belongs, your employee base will have varying percentages of eligibility to it may qualify your company to receive WOTC California credits ranging from $2,400 up to $9,0008,400 per employee meeting the requirements.

Earn Credits for Encouraging Local Jobs

An additional, and even more valuable, state corporate tax credit related to the California WOTC tax credit is the California EZ credit. EZ refers to Enterprise Zones, and there are forty-two EZs located throughout around the state of California. These are economically challenged areas throughout the state, to which the state government wants to attract businesses to, and encourage them to hire local residents, make capital investments, and that will in turn offer jobs to people living in the zones thereby, boosting the economy in those areas.

Who Qualifies for the WOTC Tax Credits

The employee demographic groups that receive the focus of WOTC California and California EZ tax credits include people that have been eligible for or received public assistance. Qualified disabled veterans are another group who can help your corporation earn multiple WOTC California tax credits. Youth receive attention in these employee groups, especially those who are 18-40 year old residents of the enterprise zones, qualifying disconnected youth ranging from 16 to 25 years old when hired, and summer youth hires in the enterprise zones. Your employees that were previously recently laid off or threatened with lay- off may also qualify, as willould employees that are Native Americans or Pacific Islanders, as well as qualifying ex-felons. When your corporation hires employees from these identified groups, it may then become eligible for the California WOTC tax credit more liberalas well as EZ tax credits and in more limited cases, the California WOTC tax credit.

The federal work opportunity tax credit California offers a maximum of $9,0004,800 per employee, depending upon which specific demographic group the employee belongs, as well as the level of wages paid to the employee and how long they work. But when the federal work opportunity tax credit California is combined with the California state EZ credits, which can reach a high of $13,000 per qualifying employee, California businesses stand to experience a dramatic reduction in taxes owed in prior years as well this tax seasonas the current tax year.

Blake Christian, who is a nationally recognized expert in California EZ credits, federal work opportunity tax credit California, and other stateforms of enterprise zone and incentive credits for corporations as well as other forms of business. Blake, can help you with your long-range tax planning and preparation. He can show you how your company can secure immediate benefits andmay qualify to carry over any unusedthe WOTC California credits for five or more years, if necessary. Amended returns can generate California EZ credit refunds for up to four years and certain federal incentive tax credits are available for up toso that you can gain the work opportunity tax credit California are also available for three or more years.

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