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Blake Christian is a Co-founder of National Tax Credit Group. Founded by a group of leading tax experts, university professors and former Big 4 Partners, NTCG leads comprehensive incentive tax credit and exemption studies for businesses throughout the United States.  Through the use of proprietary software, NTCG provides guaranteed, accurate and cost-effective savings to the financial service community.  Offering a flexible fee structure, NTCG insures clients receive their benefits prior to an obligation to pay for services.

NTCG has developed the most comprehensive database of federal, state and local Location-Based Incentive Credit (LBIC) Zones in the U.S.  NTCG has licensed this database and proprietary web-based application to Commerce Clearing House, a Wolters Kluwer Company, and the business and employee address screening software is used in over 250 businesses, CPA firms and governmental agencies nationwide.  The “Tax Zone Locator” application allows users to immediately determine the eligibility of specific business and employee addresses for LBIC’s, including State Enterprise Zones, Federal Empowerment Zones, Federal Renewal Communities, Indian Tribal Lands, GO Zones, Rural Counties and Redevelopment Areas.  These LBIC’s are available in virtually every state and can generate hiring credits ranging from $500 to $12,500 per “qualified” employee, plus equipment credits, property and sales tax savings and/or favorable bidding and financing options.  Additional web-based tax credit applications, including a powerful Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) have also been designed by NTCG.

More information about Tax Zone Locator, batch screening and custom software applications can be obtained at or


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