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Corporate Tax Planning In Los Angeles

For your corporate tax planning, Los Angeles-based Blake Christian, CPA, Tax Partner at Holthouse, Carlin and Van Trigt, LLP, offers expertise and valuable tax saving resources. Christian, a noted national expert on location-based tax credits for corporations, provides technical advice and consultation on corporation tax planning. Los Angeles businesses may qualify for significant tax savings based on their location and how they do business.

Maximize the Tax Savings of Los Angeles Businesses

When it comes to corporate tax planning, Los Angeles' own Blake Christian has been a leader in the creation of software that analyzes federal, state and local location-based incentive credits for corporate tax planning. Los Angeles companies often do not take advantage of these sizable credits.

As a corporate tax planner in Los Angeles Blake Christian brings over twenty-five years of experience in corporation tax planning. Los Angeles CPA Blake Christian is a member of the tax policy committee for the California Chamber of Commerce, and is the chair of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, giving him knowledge of business as well as corporate tax planning. Los Angeles CPA Christian has been a technical resource to USA Today and the Los Angeles Times as well as a variety of business journals in the areas of business, economic and tax issues.

For corporate tax planning, Los Angeles businesses look to Blake Christian for the best advice on how to take advantage of the many tax incentives that are available in the area. Within the state of California, there are forty-two Enterprise Zones, which are typically in economically challenged areas. If your corporation is located within a California Enterprise Zone, you may be eligible for several tax credits, of which he can apprise you in the course of your corporate tax planning. Los Angeles businesses who hire eligible employees can earn state hiring tax credits of up to $13,000 per year per employee that qualifies, as well as federal tax incentives, for example.

Green tax credits should also be considered in the course of your corporation tax planning. Los Angeles' Blake Christian can advise you, if you have added eco-friendly assets that save energy to your corporate buildings, how much those new additions could save you in business tax due. Although unused credits may be carried forward in future years, many companies may not understand this, but Blake Christian can ensure that you take advantage of all the credits and deductions available as part of your corporate tax planning. Los Angeles companies stand to benefit tremendously while they are doing their part to protect the environment.

As a corporate tax planner in Los Angeles, Blake Christian will also discuss California transportation tax credits available. If your company uses vehicles that run on alternative fuels, this practice may make you eligible for thousands of dollars worth of tax incentives that Blake Christian can cover as part of your corporation tax planning. Los Angeles corporations purchasing hybrid vehicles may qualify for tax incentives worth $400 to $2,400 per vehicle. Incentives may also be available for the lifetime fuel savings that your vehicle enjoys. Many corporations miss out on these impressive savings available with sound corporation tax planning. Los Angeles companies who utilize the many services offered by Blake Christian can avoid this problem.

Corporate tax planner Los Angeles CPA Blake Christian can help you maximize your savings on taxes by fully using all the incentives for which your company qualifies. You may contact corporate tax planner Los Angeles CPA Blake Christian at or 562-216-1800.

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