Clinton vs. Trump 2016 Presidential Tax Platforms

Take a guess who is proposing to raise income tax rates up to 47.6% for ordinary income and capital gains on assets held less than 2 years.  Of course, if you make less than $5 million of AGI, your rates drop to a bargain of 43.6% under a Hillary Clinton presidency.   Donald Trump would remove the 3.8% Obamacare tax, eliminate estate and gift tax, eliminate the personal and corporate Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) – resulting in top rates of 33% for individuals, 20% for long term capital gains and qualified dividends, and 15% for corporate and flow-thru S Corps and LLCs.

Green Party Candidate, Gary Johnson, would eliminate the personal and business taxes and eliminate the IRS – but don’t get too excited, he would replace these taxes with a whopping 23%+ National Consumption/ Sales Tax – which would be on top of your state sales tax.

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