Copenhagen Eco Summit – Green, Gas and Greed

As the world’s eyes turn toDenmark as world leaders, scientists and activists meet to discuss future emission standards in developed and developing countries, there is mounting focus on the U.S., China and India .

There is also continuing fall-out from the release of thousands of emails from environmental scientists, which indicate that certain historical data that calls into question global warning trends was either supressed or destroyed.

A recently released study by the well respected consulting firm McKinsey discusses how there are numerous, relatively low-cost, methods to reduce carbon emmissions – including increasing the use of low-energy lighting, hybrid and other alternative fuel vehicles, as well as building and retro-fitting residential and commercial buildings. 

These “low-hanging fruit” startegies are projected to have a quick and significant reduction in carbon emmissions vs. many of the more expensive and longer-term technologies such as conversion to nuclear, wind, etc.

Financial Times (U.K) has an impressive interactive set of maps and charts to show historical and projected emission patterns:

Click on the “Continue to Features” link on the photo in the attached link:

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