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CNN Local Videos – Long Beach Tax Credits/ Green Jobs/ Port Expansion/ Card Check

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

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Union Card Check – The End of the Private Ballot ? The End of Free Enterprise?

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Latest Development (3/22/09):

Starbucks, Costco and Whole Foods have proposed an alternative approach to the Employee Free Choice Act.  In lieu of the 50% threshold, this new proposal would require 70% of employees to sign union cards in order to automatically become a union shop.  Read the following WSJ article for more details on this alternative:

Download Alternative Free Choice Act WSJ March 21


A looming Congressional battle may soon overshadow the Obama Stimulus Package (TARP 2) and the challenging economic environment.

If enacted, the union-backed and Obama administration-backed euphemistically titled "Employee Free Choice Act" will effectively end an employee's ability to cast a confidential ballot when their workplace is deciding whether to retain non-union status, or convert to a union shop.

Confidential voting is a critical element to our democratic process and the proposed "Card Check" system will place the employee in a very awkward position with both the employer and the unions.  I doubt many citizens would approve of releasing their 2008 Presidential ballot to their employer and others to see how they voted on federal, state and local matters - and this Card Check system is a dangerous precedent. 

Employers, workers and legislators should take a hard look at the labor rates, pension, employee benefit and other costs in unionized and non-union businesses structures.   Apparently the late 2008 widespread backlash against the U.S auto industry's union cost structure (vs. foreign competitors with U.S. unionized manufacturing operations) has faded from the public for the moment. 

Job creation and retention should be a cornerstone of the stimulus effort; however, balancing a fair wage and benefit package while achieving an internationally competitive business structure is the critical objective for all of us.

If legislators truly want to retain and create jobs and stretch our tax dollars, now is not the time to ratchet up high-cost union jobs at the expense of non-union jobs.  Both types of operations have their merits, but the awarding of infrastructure contracts and incentivising job growth should not focus solely on union shops. 

Please read the U.S. Chamber and Cal Chamber's summary of this critical issue and the significant damage this will do to private enterprise:    U.S. Chamber Card Check Toolkit – Act Today

Download US Chamber Card Check

Download Cal Chamber Card Check Position Summary

Download Long Beach Press-Telegram 2009 Infrastructure Op-Ed