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CA Governator Proposes Sales Tax Exemption and Job Growth For Green Tech Industry

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010


In order to jump-start job growth while incentivizing green tech investment, Governor Schwarzenegger announced a five-prong approach for revitalizing the California economic climate.

The two main components include:

1) a state sales tax exemption for investing in green technology equipment, and

2) an allocation of $500 million from the State Unemployment Compensation Disability Fund to train 140,000 residence and thereby “save or create” 100,000 jobs.

The green tech sales tax exemption is an excellent structure vs. an income tax credit – since the exemption produces an immediate cash-flow benefit whether the taxpayer is profitable or not. 

As an international leader in adopting green technologies, the Governor is attempting to build a more sustainable legislative policy to ensure that struggling businesses are able to cost-justify the more expensive green technologies.

Many tech businesses have established operations in one of the state’s 42 Enterprise Zones to take advantage of existing equipment tax credits for green equipment, technology purchases, as well as core manufacturing/ processing and R&D investment. 

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