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Off-Balance Sheet Assets Can Benefit Buyers and Sellers of Businesses

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Unlike Enron’s technique of hiding liabilities in shell entities, some business owners simply overlook valuable assets that can be secured with very little effort in most cases.

These overlooked assets often come in the form of unclaimed tax refunds associated with various federal and state tax incentive programs.  These programs range from:

- Research & Development Credits

- Federal and State Hiring Credits

-Eco/”Green” Tax Credits

- Sales and Use Tax Credits and Exemptions

- Property Tax Refunds/ Exemptions

Current business owners, or buyer’s of these businesses, can obtain a significant economic advantage by documenting these refunds and working them into there business plan, exit strategy, or factor them into their acquisition strategy.

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Obama Must Break His Campaign Tax Promise

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Due to increasing deficits, a languishing economy and horrendous unemployment rates, some experts are saying that President Obama has little choice to break his promise of not increasing taxes on the middle class.

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