Copenhagen Climate Summit Climax?

The high expectations for the Copenhagen Eco-Summit looks to be headed for a disappointing climax.

With the email scandal and an unprecedented cold snap hanging over the Summit – protesters and climate change critics have effectivly frozen the world leaders into inaction.

The rift between developed and developing countries regarding shifting of economic resources is also complicating the negotiating process.

The last hope appears to be final meetings between President Obama and Chinese Premiere Jiabao to possibly work out specific carbon limits for their countries.  This appears unlikely in the current economic environment.  But hope (and change) springs eternal.

In order to try and salvage some goodwill from the conference, Secretary of State Clinton announced yesterday a plan for the U.S. to help fund a $100 billion pot of money for developing countries – but the target date in 2020.

For the latest news on the progress made at the Summit, check out the Financial Times articles in the link below:

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