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Smart Grid and Quick Charge Critical for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Financial Time (U.K.) analyzes the continuing hurdles in building the U.S. infrastructure:

Press-Telegram (LB, CA) discusses quick charge breakthrough and political efforts for California infrastructure:


With all the talk of shifting U.S. drivers to “cleaner” electric and other alternative fuel vehicles, we may still be a decade away from a significant shift to plug-in electrics. 

The added cost of electric vehicles and the need for local, regional and national infrastructure to get the driving public comfortable with the current “range axiety” that is a constant worry for drivers with normal battery driving range of 40-80 miles.

Other issues include standardizing the plug-in units and the length of time to fully charge the battery.  While technology is working on “quick-charge” processes, current charging times can be as long as 8 hours, which means the plug-in charging stations must be positioned must differently than gasoline stations.  For example – malls, business complexes, and in residential units.

The final issue being debated is whether the electric alternative significantly reduces the carbon footprint of electric car owners after factoring in the manufacturing process, replacement and disposal of dirty batteries, the continuing need for large and less-than-clean electric power plants, and the need to dispose of old cars and manufacture new ones.

Technology advancements are clearly being made….but time will tell…..

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Solar/ Eco Credit Presentation to the Long Beach Sustainability Taskforce  June 14, 2010.

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Eco-Tax Credit Webinar – Wed. June 16, 9:00-11:00 a.m. – Everything You Need to Know About Federal and State Tax Incentives

Monday, May 31st, 2010

Going Green: Federal and State Eco-Credits and The Regulatory Landscape 

Date: Wednesday, June 16, 2010
Instructor: Blake Christian, Nancy Pfeffer

Begin Time:  9:00 am Pacific Time
10:00 am Mountain Time
11:00 am Central Time
12:00 pm Eastern Time
CPE Credit:  2 hours for CPAs

Who Should Attend
CPA/ practitioners and private industry accounting or tax personnel who are looking to establish a solid knowledge base of ways to reduce the after-tax cost of going green. These overlooked benefits can distinguish your CPA practice or your department’s contribution to the bottom line of the business owner.

Topics Covered

  • Federal and state environmental regulatory landscape
  • Tax credits available for truck and automobile fleets
  • Tax credits/ deductions available for alternate fueling stations
  • Tax credits available bio-mass, alternative fuel production, alternative energy, including solar, wind, co-generation, etc.
  • Impact of grants and credits on depreciable basis
  • LEED-certified building deductions
  • State incentive overview, including equipment credits and hiring credits
  • Grant opportunities
  • Case examples of incentive programs
  • Additional articles on this and other tax topics can be accessed at: or


    Goldman Sachs Hearings, U.S. Financial Reforms & Unemployment &

    Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

    Read the following updates regarding:

    •  The Senate grilling of Goldman Sachs’ Executives (WSJ): – Goldman Sachs Senate Hearings – Bruised/ Defiant. Do the Senators Really Understand What Market Makers Do?


    • Proposals to Revamp the U.S. Financial System (FT):

    Martin Wolf (Financial Times) Evaluates U.S. Financial Reform Options


    • The Press Spin to Put Lipstick on the Unemployment Pig: 

    347 Regions Experience Higher Unemployment.But Press Spins the News as Positive


    • Going Green – The Wind Solution May Just Be Hot Air (WSJ): – “Power Hungry” by Robert Bryce – The Wrong Way To Get to Green


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    CNN Local Videos – Long Beach Tax Credits/ Green Jobs/ Port Expansion/ Card Check

    Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

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    UN Attacks Livestock With “Gas” Tax

    Thursday, February 18th, 2010

    “Gas” Tax Proposed by UN  -  Eat More Chicken

    The UN has rolled out their latest (but not greatest) cap and trade plan.

    The current plan is to penalizethose filthy cows, pigs, sheeep and other livestock and tax their owners based on the relative amount of methane gas they expel.    The UN will apparently use statistical averages rather than installing individual monitoring systems on each animal.

    Intersting times…….

    UN Climate Change Head Change

     In a related development, the UN Climate Change Chief – Yvo de Boer has abruptly resigned his post and plans on heading up international accounting and consulting  firm KPMG’s environmental practice.  Mr. de Boer did not cite the aforementioned gas tax as a reason for his exit.

    Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! – Obama Proposal and Existing State & Federal Hiring Tax Incentives

    Saturday, January 30th, 2010

    Hiring Credits – $500 to $15,000 Per Employee

    Eco/ Green Credits – 10% to 50% of Equipment Costs

    President Obama spent a good portion of his State of the Union Speech focused on jobs and the economy.

     Throughout California – and across the U.S. – there are literally thousands of specified “tax zones” which allow employers hiring new employees to claim valuable federal and state hiring credits, as well as other tax and economic incentives.  In addition, certain state and federal programs such as the federal WOTC program and the California new jobs credit, which apply to businesses operating in any jurisdiction with the federal or state boundaries, respectively.


    Click here for my latest AICPA hiring credit article, and please rate it at the end of the article:


    Obama’s proposed $5,000 per employee hiring credit – up to $500,000 per taxpayer:


     For more information regarding the California general jobs credit and the CA Enterprise Zone Program, please click on the links below:   $3,000 CA Jobs Tax Credit–ez-studies-.html  EZ Hiring & Equipment Credits


     For information regarding the 10% to 50% Federal and State Energy and Pollution Control Credits:

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    CA Governator Proposes Sales Tax Exemption and Job Growth For Green Tech Industry

    Tuesday, January 19th, 2010


    In order to jump-start job growth while incentivizing green tech investment, Governor Schwarzenegger announced a five-prong approach for revitalizing the California economic climate.

    The two main components include:

    1) a state sales tax exemption for investing in green technology equipment, and

    2) an allocation of $500 million from the State Unemployment Compensation Disability Fund to train 140,000 residence and thereby “save or create” 100,000 jobs.

    The green tech sales tax exemption is an excellent structure vs. an income tax credit – since the exemption produces an immediate cash-flow benefit whether the taxpayer is profitable or not. 

    As an international leader in adopting green technologies, the Governor is attempting to build a more sustainable legislative policy to ensure that struggling businesses are able to cost-justify the more expensive green technologies.

    Many tech businesses have established operations in one of the state’s 42 Enterprise Zones to take advantage of existing equipment tax credits for green equipment, technology purchases, as well as core manufacturing/ processing and R&D investment. 

    EZ Tax Credits


    Copenhagen Climate Summit Climax?

    Friday, December 18th, 2009

    The high expectations for the Copenhagen Eco-Summit looks to be headed for a disappointing climax.

    With the email scandal and an unprecedented cold snap hanging over the Summit – protesters and climate change critics have effectivly frozen the world leaders into inaction.

    The rift between developed and developing countries regarding shifting of economic resources is also complicating the negotiating process.

    The last hope appears to be final meetings between President Obama and Chinese Premiere Jiabao to possibly work out specific carbon limits for their countries.  This appears unlikely in the current economic environment.  But hope (and change) springs eternal.

    In order to try and salvage some goodwill from the conference, Secretary of State Clinton announced yesterday a plan for the U.S. to help fund a $100 billion pot of money for developing countries – but the target date in 2020.

    For the latest news on the progress made at the Summit, check out the Financial Times articles in the link below:

    Copenhagen Eco Summit – Green, Gas and Greed

    Friday, December 4th, 2009

    As the world’s eyes turn toDenmark as world leaders, scientists and activists meet to discuss future emission standards in developed and developing countries, there is mounting focus on the U.S., China and India .

    There is also continuing fall-out from the release of thousands of emails from environmental scientists, which indicate that certain historical data that calls into question global warning trends was either supressed or destroyed.

    A recently released study by the well respected consulting firm McKinsey discusses how there are numerous, relatively low-cost, methods to reduce carbon emmissions – including increasing the use of low-energy lighting, hybrid and other alternative fuel vehicles, as well as building and retro-fitting residential and commercial buildings. 

    These “low-hanging fruit” startegies are projected to have a quick and significant reduction in carbon emmissions vs. many of the more expensive and longer-term technologies such as conversion to nuclear, wind, etc.

    Financial Times (U.K) has an impressive interactive set of maps and charts to show historical and projected emission patterns:

    Click on the “Continue to Features” link on the photo in the attached link: