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Federal Opportunity Zone Program

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In summary, by reinvesting short-term or long term capital gains generated from virtually any capital asset (real estate, intangibles, stock and bond portfolios or businesses) within 180 days of the gain recognition into an Opportunity Zone Fund (taxpayers can set-up your their own personal fund), taxpayers can obtain the following FEDERAL benefits:

  • Provided you do not sell or liquidate the Opportunity Zone Fund before 2027, the federal tax on the initial gain can be deferred until 2026. The Opportunity Zone Fund must invest in real estate or an active businesses in one of 8,700 Qualified Opportunity Zone census tracts designated by Congress – about 10% are in CA. Most, but not all states have also adopted the tax provisions.
  • After holding the Fund for 5 years the deferred gain is reduced by 10%.
  • After holding the fund for 7 years the gain is reduced by another 5% - cumulative 15% - so at 12/31/2026 or the date of sale – the taxpayer only pays tax on 85% of the gain
  • The most significant benefit is after holding the Fund for 10 years, any post-investment appreciation will be permanently exempt from federal tax.

Federal Opportunity Zone Timeline

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Stay Informed of Recent Tax Credit Changes

Long Beach CPA, Blake Christian helps to ensure that CFOs, CPAs, Tax Directors and Los Angeles region business owners stay informed of the latest critical tax credit changes for corporations.

Gain the tax credits your company deserves with advice from Long Beach CPA and corporate tax credit expert, Blake Christian. A highly recognized expert tax credit consultant, Blake can assist with the guidance required to gain the most advantage from the California Enterprise Zone Tax Credits programs. Every year corporations are eligible for tremendous savings from corporate tax credits, Blake is the tax credit specialist who can help ensure your company recieves their credits.

In today’s economy, it’s not enough to understand the current laws affecting corporate tax credits and corporate tax incentives. To provide the best services, Los Angeles tax credit consultants, CPAs, Long Beach financial service providers and tax professionals must be aware that upcoming trends in tax law that will affect the availablility of California tax incentives and credits.

The comprehensive tools to master California tax incentives, credits and law

Long Beach CPA, Blake Christian knows that when it comes to effective corporate tax planning, details matter. Whether you are a CPA, Long Beach or Los Angeles CFO or a local business owner, the importance of remaining informed of the latest financial trends is paramount.

Through insightful articles, podcasts and video interviews, Blake Christian provides the resources you need. Our tools are designed to help everyone from the CPA, Long Beach financial professional or Los Angeles tax credit consultant stay on top of such critical issues as:

  • Frequently overlooked federal and California hiring tax credits
  • Comprehensive corporate tax planning
  • California green tax incentives and eco credits
  • Holistic income, gift and estate tax planning for high net worth individuals
  • Information on alternative fuel credits, including fleet and truck tax credits for corporations
  • California enterprise zone tax credit and Location based tax credits
  • Federal, state and local tax legislation

Who Needs Corporate Tax Credits, Incentives and Legislative Resources?

Our comprehensive technical resources and proprietary tax zone screening tools are designed to meet a full range of professional needs including CPA services, the Los Angeles tax credit specialist, Los Angeles corporate tax planning for Los Angeles region business owners and CFOs. No matter your area of expertise or professional demands, Blake Christian can provide comprehensive answers and consultation.

Los Angeles Tax Credit Consultant, Blake Christian

A seasoned tax specialist and CPA, Long Beach-based Blake Christian is a Tax Partner with HCVT LLP, Co-Founder of National Tax Credit Group, LLC and a nationally recognized author and speaker.

With seven offices, 28 partners and over 250 employees, HCVT LLP is the largest CPA firm headquartered in Southern California. HCVT is the premier CPA firm in the Los Angeles region servicing its broad range of industries from its seven conveniently located offices: Los Angeles, Century City, Westlake Village, Long Beach, Pasadena, Irvine and Encino. For two decades HCVT has served a client base of domestic and international real estate developers, manufacturers, distributers, entertainment, healthcare, hi-tech and service providers. Since 1991, the firm provides a full complement of specialized accounting support, audit, tax and consulting services to individuals, businesses and qualified retirement plans. HCVT has been recognized as one of the “Best Managed” and “Fastest Growing” CPA firms in the country by numerous local, regional and national publications.

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